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Lindsay Kivi is an Acrylic & Watercolor Artist who's signature style captures the colorful beauty of animals, specializing in pet portraits.


© 2019 Lindsay Kivi Art


A huge thank you to all who entered their pup(s) in the Dog Model contest. There were nearly two hundred dogs (and one pot-bellied pig) to choose from, so narrowing down to ten was incredibly difficult. I would paint all of them if I could.


And those bios! If you think your dog is the absolute best, you’re right! My heart melted reading each and every one. I laughed at all of their silly quirks and had tears in my eyes reading the rescue stories, including one who was liberated from the dog meat trade in China. The bios were deep and heartfelt, and it is clear that our furry family members bring us so much love and joy. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your stories and congrats to the winners below who will now be breed (and mix) ambassadors featured on my website!

"We could not love him any more than we do. He is the sweetest, cuddliest, smiliest dog and I feel beyond fortunate we were picked to add this adorable floof to our family!"

Shepherd Mix


"Nico is an 8 month old, 125 pound cane corso from Romania. He loves to bird watch and play with other dogs. He is a big mamas boy!"

Cane Corso


"Boots is super intelligent, affectionate and loves her ball (#ballislife). She loves to go on walks and play fetch for hours on end. When she is not playing fetch she loves to snuggle up and relax. "

Border Collie Mix


"When he came into our lives we thought we were doing the right thing by saving a life, now we see how he turned it upside down and we couldn't be more grateful. He now is as spoiled as he can be and runs the house, we are just here to serve him. "

Boston Terrier


"Jetta is 3yrs old and loves her blankets. She sucks on them and pushes her feet like a cat nursing. She loves to run n play outside and hike with other dogs. I am teaching her to ride my paddle board with me. She loves to go everywhere with me. Jetta is my best bud"



"Benny is an energetic, loving and adorable little fur log. His favorite thing to do is get hair all over a clean apartment or a freshly lint rolled pair of pants."



"Jax is the embodiment of the Latin phrase “Multum in Parvo” (a lot of dog in a little space). He is 6 years old, loves his stuffed monkey, and prefers to listen to 90s alternative hits when his mom is away for the day."



"Coco was the runt of her litter, so she is small - but fierce! Now she is 7 years old, and a fantastic friend and protector to all who love her. She brings us so much joy every day! "

Shih Tzu/Pekingese Mix


"He's a pretty pretty princess in a Male husky body. He is secretly Garfield and loves all pasta, especially lasagna. In fact, he will go on a hunger strike w his dog food in the hope's of getting better dinner. "

Siberian Husky


"Koda is a year old Mini Aussie and boy is he full of energy and personality! He loves to go for walks, play fetch and of course play with the kitties. When he gets excited, wiggle butt goes into full force and it is the cutest thing. He loves to eat sticks and chase the squirrels in the yard. "

Mini Australian Shepherd