Artist's Statement

While pets have become a vast majority of my subjects, I can wholeheartedly affirm that I am an animal lover to my core. Many people also choose to describe themselves as animal lovers, but fail to connect to the animals beyond what they consider as “family.” In today’s society, billions of animals are treated as commodities every year and suffer immensely in laboratories, in the food industry, clothing, and entertainment industry. In stark contrast of society’s perception, every animal on this earth has its own individual, loving, colorful personality and my mission is to create compelling art that deepens one’s connection to all living beings.

I aim to focus on a moment in time, an emotion, or a special quality that deserves attention. Watercolor is my medium of choice, which allows me to “play” with bright bright colors and reveal an animal’s unique, happy, loving spirit. Animals are an integral part of our lives, and even more so in nature and our environment. Their voices must be heard just like ours. My wish is to transport the viewer, inspire, and ignite a passion for all living beings.

- Lindsay Kivi


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Lindsay Kivi is an Animal Artist who's signature style captures the colorful beauty of an animal's spirit, specializing in pet portraits.

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