Hi, I'm Lindsay and this is my girl, Piper. 

My name is Lindsay Kivi and I'm an Animal Artist. While pets have become a vast majority of my subjects, I can wholeheartedly affirm that I am an animal lover to my core. My goal is to glorify all animals sharing our planet to show that they are no different than the animals living in our home. I believe that every animal on this earth has its own individual, loving, colorful personality and my mission is to create compelling art that deepens one's connection to all living beings and to help humanity think of animals as equals. Like us, they are divine beings—let's love and take care of them. Every painting I create is an affirmation of the single most important message: we are not separate from nature.

I paint with a purpose:

As an animal and environmental advocate, I support animal rescues, sanctuaries, and conservation organizations through my art and I aim to inspire others to do the same. 

Wolf Painting

When I see a beautiful piece of art that makes me gasp, the moment stretches into a new dimension of hyper-reality. That is a very important sensation: it is the awe of realizing, "wow, a human created this." It empowers you to believe that you, too, can create something profound that makes you feel viscerally real, hugged tightly, and jolted awake all at once. My hope is that my art creates this same experience for you.


I optimistically see a new artistic era on the horizon:

It will be an era where nature is legitimized as serious subject matter. The art world has the tendency to devalue beauty and color in favor of highbrow conceptualism, but I believe that art will no longer have to be obscure or confusing to be taken seriously. I want to heal the societal psychosis induced by our culture that has desensitized and separated us from nature. I believe we have lost touch with our instincts about beauty (and relinquished our power to aesthetics experts) because we have stopped paying attention to our world around us.

I am convinced that the new era of art will be uplifting, educational, empowering, beautiful, and will invoke kindness and compassion. I am determined to be a champion of this.